SWISSECOLAB is an international chemical industrial.
SWISSECOLAB was built on a foundation of integrity and ethical business practices designed to foster steady growth supported by a dedicated long-term workforce.
Functioning as a flat organization, SWISSECOLAB sales team, customer service representatives, and executive board has equal authority to make decisions and enact change. This policy, not usually adopted by larger companies, allows SWISSECOLAB to efficiently expedite orders, quickly distribute valuable information, and integrate the latest technology in day-to-day activities.


Our mission is to continually strengthen our business relationships through sound business practices and strategies enhanced by transparent communication.

We are in the trenches every day forging bonds and assessing the integrity of potential suppliers to best serve our customers. After three decades of hard work, our most valuable asset as a company is the ethos that inspires our customers, suppliers, and employees to depend on us and spend their entire careers working with SWISSECOLAB.

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Via Lugano 13, 6982 Agno, 
Lugano, Switzerland

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